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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best WoW World of Warcraft Addons

World of Warcraft Top Addons

One of the best decisions Blizzard made when programming World of Warcraft was to open the user interface (UI) to allow players to create custom modules that can display various information about the world in new and creative ways. World of Warcraft add ons let anyone with a little programming knowledge remake the interface of the game into their vision of what it should be and allow the rest of us easy access to tons of great information that wouldn't otherwise be as easily available. You can find your addons here: WoW Addons

10. KLH Threat Meter
KLH Threat Meter is like a damage meter except that instead of showing the damage you’re taking, it records the threat that you’re generating. By monitoring all the abilities you use and checking
your talents, armor set bonuses and buffs, this add on can recreate the threat list of a mob. This makes tank transitions simple and allows DPS classes to maximize their damage output without pulling aggro.

9. Titan Panel
Tital Panel adds an entire suite of useful information and controls to bars that can be displayed on the top or bottom of your screen. This add on allows you to easily turn on and off modules like coordinate display, experience
points earned per hour, group loot type, equipment condition and cumulative bonuses, honor points, sound, volume, and much much more.

8. Atlas
WoW Atlas provides detailed maps for instances, battlegrounds, and other popular areas within World of Warcraft. These maps are high quality (like those you might find in strategy guides) and the add on has a built-in in-game map browser that loads off your existing UI map. No more getting lost in instances!

7. Natur Enemy Cast Bar
This add on not only displays who your target is focusing its attacks on but also its full casting bar including a timer that lets you see exactly when a spell is going to be cast so you can time interrupts and counter-spells with exact precision. It also displays timers for gains (buffs, heals over time), cooldowns, DoTs and debuffs like stuns or polymorphs.

6. Scrolling Combat Text
This World of Warcraft add on is a fairly simple but very configurable mod that adds damage, heals, and events
(dodge, parry, windfury, etc.) as scrolling text above your character - much like what already happens above your target. This makes it easier to concentrate on the battle without having to watch your regular combat chat window to see how much and what damage you’re taking. WoW has a built-in scrolling combat text option but this add on takes what’s good about that and adds a bunch of great features.

5. X-Perl Unit Frames
This is an enhanced version of Perl Unit Frames that completely replaces the WoW default unit frames (those boxes around your
character portrait that show your health and mana). This add on adds tons of useful information for you and your group’s unit frames including a range finder to tell where someone is in relation to you, a monitor to track heals over time that you’ve cast and list debuffs you can dispel, 3D portraits for all characters, and many cool features especially designed for raids.

4. Gatherer
Gatherer is a WoW add on for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters. Its main purpose is to track the closest plants,
deposits and treasure locations right on your minimap with definable colors, icons, and reporting distances. Gatherer doesn’t track like a tracking ability does, instead it “remembers” where you found various items in the past and alerts you on the minimap when you pass by those locations again.

3. Equip Compare
When you shop for items at a vendor or the auction house and you hover over an item, you get a comparison tooltip showing your currently equipped item so you can compare which one is best. This add on makes this feature available everywhere in the game where you can hover over items like in your bags, in a loot window, chat box, and even on the reward page of a quest.

2. Item Rack
This add on makes swapping equipment for stance changes, special monster encounters (like those for which you need to equip armor with specific resist bonuses), and just general role-playing much easier. You simply add equipment slots to a bar and a mouseover on the bar will create a menu of all items in your bags that can go in that slot. Just set up a hot key for that item rack and you’re all set!

1. WoW Auctioneer
By far my personal favorite, this World of Warcraft add-on lets you track the auction history of any item that has been up for auction and use that information to identify items that are selling below their average value, buy the auction out, then put the item back up and make huge profits.

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  1. Auctioneer, definatly. But my most favorite addon is Carbonite. It is a mapping/questing/pvp/alt manager addon, and it is awesome!