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Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Best Beaches in the United States

The Best Beaches in the United States

The United States contains some of the most diverse beaches in the world, and experiences can range from quirky amusements and raucous parties to formidable volcanoes and desolate acres of sand and shoreline, depending on where you travel. Whatever your tastes, we've gathered some of the most well-reviewed and widely adored beach destinations in the United States. Choose wisely (and don't forget the sunscreen).

Why go: Why the hell not! Writers laud Maui for its diversity of attractions and unforgettable geography; it's also got a ton of beaches. Be sure to check out the calm waters at Kapalua Beach, which are ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. If you want to watch some local surfing, check out the North Shore!

Why go: San Diego boasts excellent beaches, ample opportunities for watersports and -- perhaps best of all -- access to quality urban attractions and entertainment. After a day of swimming or sunbathing, be sure to check out the Gaslamp Quarter. If you can't get enough of the ocean and its wonders, check out the inimitable SeaWorld.

Why go: Miami Beach is home to both the glamorous, party-hungry elite and your average, sun-hungry beachgoer; the area's ability to cater to all beach-lovers earns it a place among the top beach destinations in the country. When you're here be sure to check out the fishers on the jetty at Bal Harbour Beach or the cruise ships sailing out of South Beach.

Why go: Get away from Hollywood and Beverly Hills for a while and take in some sun at the gorgeous Malibu Beach, or stroll along the boardwalk at Santa Monica. The alternative (and slightly weird) Venice Beach may not appeal to all travelers, but LA's unique oceanfront makes it a unique and unforgettable beach destination.

Why go: Big Island is called "Big Island" for a reason: Its offerings are abundant, and so are its beaches. Here you'll find some geographical oddities (ever been to a beach with green sand?) and awe-inspiring natural wonders. The beaches at Hapuna, Kaunaoa or Kua Bay also offer picture-perfect beaches for your perfect island getaway.

Why go: The Outer Banks remain a classic East Coast beach destination, with miles of expansive sands to please any landlocked traveler. While many beaches lack lifeguards, the surf is usually calm enough for all types of swimmers. But be sure to check swimming conditions before entering the water. Also check out Kitty Hawk, site of the Wright Brothers' first flight.
Why go: Oahu is the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii, and its beaches are a big reason. Scattered throughout the island's coastline, you'll find several highly ranked state beach parks, including the famous Kailua Beach Park (great for swimmers) and the resort-heavy Waikiki Beach, a great beach for families.
Why go: Just a short drive from beautiful Charleston, S.C., Myrtle Beach has dazzled East Coast beachgoers for decades, and it remains a popular destination for families and beach enthusiasts seeking large beach resorts and excellent access to boating and watersports. If you're a golfer, look no further. You can enjoy the links at any of the area's 120 golf courses.
Why go: Many writers prefer Fort Lauderdale as the gentler, more laidback alternative to Miami. And with more than 23 miles of beaches, Fort Lauderdale is a worthy alternative to its often overwhelming southern neighbor.

Why go: This Caribbean getaway features everything you'd want in an American beach destination: bright blue waters, desolate strips of sand and (living up to its American identity) excellent shopping nearby. The island of St. Thomas contains a spot for every beach-goer, as well as access to an abundance of watersports, including parasailing, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

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