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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Fish Creek Spinners: New for 2012

New Products for fishermen with the Rasch Chronicles seal of approval!
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Fish Creek Spinners: New for 2012

10 Reasons Why Men Like to Receive Flowers!

Someone emailed this to me, and I thought it interesting.


In just the last decade or so we have seen some shifting in the market for flowers. It has become much more common for men, traditionally the givers of flowers, to now be the recipients of the same gift. Still, many guys aren’t quite at home with talking about it much, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want you to buy them flowers occasionally. Below are some of the places where flowers are showing up more frequently, and why men like it.
  1. She Loves Me – There isn’t any “she-loves-me-not” involved when a guy is presented with flowers by his honey. Guys like getting their “strokes” and flowers fill the bill nicely.
  2. Renaissance Guy – When a man receives flowers, you can bet they’ll be from someone who thinks that he is capable of appreciating them. Occasionally men do like to be thought of as something other than knuckle dragging cave dwellers.
  3. Acknowledgement – Men, in general, may not be comfortable receiving flowers from the boss if it’s another man, but if the boss is a woman, she should be able to dispense flowers or plants as acknowledgements for good job performance.
  4. The Office – A fella might redden if he were presented with a bunch of flowers in the office place, but inside he’d probably be beaming, especially if the flowers came from someone he cared about.
  5. Neener Neener – “I got flowers and you didn’t”. That’s right, the old “neener neener”. Guys never outgrow it, and if they get flowers while the rest of the group received none, it is food for the ego. One side effect is that men who receive flowers on a regular basis generally cannot fit their heads through standard doorways.
  6. Metrosexuals – In Europe there is no special name for a guy who can work on a car while discussing art and classical music, but in urban America the term “metrosexual” has been coined for the fellow who can make a perfect lobster soufflĂ© from scratch, goes to a stylist rather than a barber and can still tell you how the local football team is doing. The modern urban male is a good choice for a gift of flowers.
  7. No Reason – If your guy is in the habit of sending you flowers because it was Tuesday it means he’d probably be a good one to send flowers to for no particular reason as well.
  8. Just Likes Flowers – Lots of men just like flowers, which is one reason so many are involved in the production and sales of plants and flowers. A gift of flowers, particularly a special arrangement, will be enjoyed.
  9. Special Feeling – Sometimes men are just like other human beings in that they like to feel “special”. A nice bouquet or plant is a good way to evoke that “special” feeling, and the reminder can be there for days or weeks or even longer depending on the gift.
  10. She Loves Me – This one topped the list, and stills deserves an extra mention. Ladies, guys just love knowing you love them. Keep the flowers coming.
Now, when you want to say it with flowers, you can tell the menfolk as well.