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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Communication App for Blackberry

Keep Twitter going with UberTwitter
App for BlackBerry

Free Twitter clients are surprisingly rare in the BlackBerry world simply because of the fact that so many companies make clients and then charge people money for them because they feel their work is worth money. Many of these clients are heavily overrated though and UberTwitter app for BlackBerry is an example of a free client that can do almost as much as the other ones that are available.

Basic Functionality is no Problem

UberTwitter BlackBerry app is an excellent mobile application that can give you all of the basic functionality that you want in order to make sure that it works well with your BlackBerry device. With different things like easy messaging and capturing of messages available, you should have no problem following all of your normal Twitter business from the comfort of a free app specifically built to work well with a BlackBerry device.

Advanced functionality is readily available

The basic functionality of BlackBerry UberTwitter app is fine, but what really makes this app worth consideration is the fact that it comes with advanced features that don’t seem to tax the resources of your BlackBerry in order to work. A good example of this is photo integration which is a self-explanatory term. If you’d like to make videos to put in your tweets, shrink the URLs of tweets and use the list and avatar functions to make your account fit in with what your own image actually is, UberTwitter app for BlackBerry will give you the chance to get all of these different things done in a very timely manner.

Final Score

UberTwitter app for BlackBerry is a solid app without too much flair applied to the way it approaches a particular situation. It will get the job done for you, but it works without you really noticing how good it is. An app that can quietly take over an aspect of your life and run that aspect well is a rare one in the app world these days and one that can do this for free is even rarer still. While UberTwitter for BlackBerry is not an application that can be thought of as being for everyone, it is definitely an excellent app with a lot of potential to it. In recognition of this fact and in the hope that the authors put more into making this app better in the future, we’ve given UberTwitter BlackBerry app a final score of 7 out of 10.

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