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Friday, January 7, 2011

Cyberstalkers or Cyberheros, Either Way a Thorn in Your Side

I got the heads-up on a campaign of terror and cyber-assault being waged against a bow maker on a forum called a sub domain of some archery site called The thread  Siegeworks Creations trys to tear this guy apart, and everyone that has stood up to get the facts, has been insulted and shut down.

After reading every last boring, misspelled, poorly punctuated comment in the god foresaken website/forum, I came to the conclusion that the bow maker in question has a short fuse and no buisness dealing directly with customers. I found some very good reviews on his work on other forums, but he overpromised on deliveries, coming short on due dates.

The trolls that have lambasted him though, have been relentless in the character assasination attempts. Devolving frequently to name calling in an attempt to bait the bowyer into blowing his stack, which invariably he does. They should be ashamed of themselves. They call themselves sportsmen. I call bullshit on that one!

The moderators should be replaced by people of character and intelligence. people that know what their job entails. If youo have any interest in Bow hunting, archery, bow making, I would stay clear of LeatherWall and Bowsite!

You would think that advertisers would be loath to display their wares on sites with such vitriol and ill behavior.

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